1. What is the Mystic Law in Buddhism?

The Mystic Law is the energy that moves the world (and all phenomena including one’s body&mind) ;

it is called MyohoRengeKyo.  MyohoRengeKyo is another name for the power that operates reality. 

The character Myo means a “wonder beyond explanation” – (hence the word “Mystic” = wonder beyond words). 

“Myo” is the spiritual nature of the Mind.   It’s physical manifestation is “Ho”, the body.  This means that any living entity is  MyoHo (body&mind), which actions in reality produce relevant effects.

Renge is the mechanism of how life operates through causes and effects.  The working of the principle of cause and effect is always consistent, always operative, which means it is a strict natural Law - or Kyo.  

MyohoRengeKyo is also called the Universal Law of Life.

  1. What is NamMyohoRengeKyo?

NamMyohoRengeKyo is the highest state of energy of life, expressed in wisdom, compassion and capacity to act with freedom and courage.  NamMyohoRengeKyo is another name for one’s Buddhanature.  Buddhanature is the highest state of one’s life. 

Nam refers to one’s “desire and determination” to be in harmony - with the true nature of life (MyohoRengeKyo).  Therefore; the essence of NamMyohoRengeKyo is taking responsibility to lead one’s life towards the benefit of enlightenment, happiness and lifeforce.   In essence, a rough meaning can be;

NamMyohoRengeKyo = I lead my life to wisdom, compassion and happiness

  1. What is the Gohonzon

The Gohonzon is a mandala which expresses or encodes the Life of Buddha.  It is a scroll embodying characters, which refer to the power of the Life of the Buddha.  The Life of Buddha is characterised by wisdom, compassion and lifeforce. Each person has a potential to manifest wisdom, compassion and lifeforce, a potential referred to by Buddhanature.

  1. How to understand faith in Nichiren Buddhism?

Faith in Nichiren Buddhism means belief in one’s self-worth , it is faith in one’s Buddhanature –  or it is the belief that your life contains the highest potential of wisdom, compassion and courage.  Faith in Buddhanature (or inner Gohonzon) requires an attitude of:  Flexibility, Broadmindedness & Open heart.

Flexible attitude: harmonious behavior, gentleness, maturity, cooperation               

Broadmindedness: impartiality and understanding diversity of people,

  1. - Open heart: heart of compassion, sincerity, no grudges, and no blaming others.

  1. What is True cause

True Cause = Truly beneficial cause:  it is determination for growth through chanting to the Gohonzon.  

It is also called: the attitude of: “From present to future” or “From Now Onwards”.

  1. What is the Human Revolution?

Human Revolution is a determined effort to win over our weaknesses & defeat the negative functions that try to obstruct our faith.  Buddhism is about winning over our limitations and negative tendencies. 

Human Revolution is also called Self-Mastery, the path to enlightenment, true self and happiness.